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Consulting Services


USSI's expert consultants can provide you with valuable insight gained from years of experience in utility management, operation, maintenance, and training. We can help you solve, rather than fight, those ongoing problems within your facility.


Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy


USSI's has experience that brings new insight to energy conservation, providing building or plant models to determine the most cost effective solutions to reduce energy costs. USSI brings simple inexpensive techniques to the table that reduce energy consumption with minimal or no impact to the personnel or operations. USSI can assist your company or utility in evaluating or implementing solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave, or alternative fuels available  in your region.


Operations & Maintenance Services


USSI's has Veeder-Root Certified Fuel Technicians to provide service to retail service stations, commercial sites, and utilities. USSI currently provides support to Mobil Oil Guam sites on Guam, Saipan, Roda, and Tinian. Our technicians can provide support for UST and AST installations including installs, monthly, and annual maintenance. 


Operations & Maintenance Services


USSI provides highly trained operators and maintenance personnel for your primary or backup generation.  Our personnel have experience in steam, diesel, gas turbine, and hydroelectric power plants. USSI can also provide support for Substation operations.


High Voltage Transformer Analysis


USSI provides inspections, Doble/electrical testing, DGA, Moisture, and other transformer analysis

techniques to determine the condition of your high voltage transformers before they fail. Transformer testing and analysis has proven to an effective tool-set in reducing the total cost of ownership of  high voltage transformers. USSI can asset your organization in establishing routine test procedures to monitor and schedule the needed short and long term maintenance on your transformers to help prevent premature failure and the high associated costs of replacement.


Training and Mentoring Services


We provide customized on-site training programs based on a professional assessment of the needs of your workforce. We can also help you maintain qualified and competent employees through the enhancement of your annual refresher training program.


Products - Generators, Olex Cables, Danfoss VFDs


Danfoss VFDs and Associated Equipment

USSI provides sales and service for Danfoss VFDs in cooperation with HES Guam. USSI has a Certified Technician on staff to support basic or complex control installations. Let us assist your organization in getting the most out of your variable speed drives.



USSI is a distributor for high quality, low cost gasoline and diesel generators with capacities from 800 watts up to 1 megawatt. We provide sales and service for home, small business, and Island utilities in the Pacific Region.


     Olex Cables

USSI is the designated Guam Marketing Agent for Olex Cables Australia. 



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