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Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy


Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy go hand in hand to reduce a company's total energy costs. There are so many possible approaches to this area that most businesses just don't know where to start or what to start with. USSI provides the analysis based on your business needs and your budget to allow you to make the right decision on how to approach this important area.


Energy costs are sky rocketing in today's market. Businesses are now forced to choose between raising prices to their customers or cutting in other areas to make up the difference between energy bills paid last year and those they are faced with in this, and future years. USSI can provide low cost, easy to implement methods of reducing total energy costs. Return on investment (ROI) can be as little as 3 months through reduced electricity or fuel bills.


USSI has experience that brings new insight to energy conservation, providing building or plant computer models to determining the most cost effective solutions for businesses to reduce energy costs. USSI brings simple, inexpensive techniques to the table to reduce energy consumption with minimal or no impact to your personnel or operations.


Our approaches to changing the way in which businesses use energy take  into account the human factors, as well as life cost models, to make sure that dollars are spent in the right areas to bring real hard-dollar savings. Part of USSI's approach to energy conservation includes looking at alternative energy solutions. USSI can assist your company or utility in evaluating solar, wind, ocean thermal, wave, or any of the many alternative fuels available  in your region that may not yet have been considered.



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