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Transformer Analysis


USSI provides transformer routine inspections and testing. Our transformer oil testing is performed in certified oil testing laboratories to provide accurate and consistent analysis for the protection of our your assets. Accurate and consistent electrical testing and oil analysis provides our customers with the tools to determine when maintenance is required and the internal condition of the transformer.


The following oil analysis is available through USSI:


  • DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)
  • Interfacial Tension
  • Acid Number
  • Color Number
  • Visual Exam
  • Sediment Exam
  • Dielectric Breakdown in KV and KV mm-C
  • Power Factor-25 and 100C
  • Specific Gravity


Transformer winding and insulation analysis is also performed through standard Doble test models and associated analysis.


USSI can also provide training programs for transformer testing, analysis, and routine inspections. Transformers are high cost assets that must be protected to insure reliable low cost power to utility customers. USSI is here to help through professional testing and analysis services.


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